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Multi-Function Electrotherapy for Pre and Post Surgery

Early application of neuromuscular electrical
stimulation (NMES) after surgery maximizes
rehabilitation by reeducating the muscle, improving
function, and getting patients back to their daily
activities quicker.

With 13 preset therapy programs and 3 custom programs, the device is designed to enhance the recovery cycle of patients through home and clinic use.

Stimulate Power & Motion

  • KNEE
    • Reeducate weakened muscle as a result of disuse atrophy
    • Minimize Pain
    • Gait Control

Small device. Big Results. 


Better Quad Strength

NMES increases quad strength than exercise alone in TKA patients.


Peak External Rotation Force

NMES after rotator cuff repair surgery, independent of age, tear size, intensity, days post-op.


Favor NMES for muscle strengthening

Literature review of eight Randomized Controlled Trials assessing quad strength outcomes (Continuum™ indicated for disuse atrophy) favor NMES as a part of the muscle strengthening program.

About QB Medical

QB Medical was founded in 2005 by Shawn Nelson, a former U.S. Navy biomedical equipment technician, with the mission of bringing veterans, active duty service members, and their families, access to innovative, cost-effective, higher quality medical supplies and solutions. As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), improving health and wellness for the individuals who bravely serve our country is our passion and daily commitment.